After several years of war, Earth lay in ruins. All authority and power centers were destroyed and the planet descended into total anarchy. The long process of restoring the old order began some years later. In America, 12 of the previous states were reorganized into the United Civilized States (UCS). In Eastern Europe and Asia, representatives of the Khun clan began building their own dynasty. This strong clan had access to post-Soviet nuclear stockpiles, which gave them a heck of a lot of weight in negotiations with their neighbors. Because the population in these territories was widely dispersed and greatly weakened by the war, the clan was able to incorporate territory very quickly. A new country, called the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) was proclaimed soon afterwards. Both the ED and the UCS were rapidly consolidating and developing their respective territories. By the year 2120 no other power on Earth could match them, and they soon ruled over all areas still supporting life. After years of territorial expansion it became clear that the rulers of these two empires were still power-hungry. War reared its ugly head.